Mozaic Group is a full-service market research firm specializing in technology, financial services, and consumer goods.


Our team is comprised of the best and brightest minds in market research. We custom design every engagement to meet our clients’ specific research needs—guaranteeing the most strategic, actionable results.


Since 2007, we’ve worked with Fortune 500 clients around the globe, specializing in cutting-edge technology. In that time, we’ve honed a collection of proven methodologies that are customized to meet your business needs—allowing us to examine complex questions from multiple angles. We form close partnerships with our clients, leveraging knowledge across multiple studies to provide the most actionable insights.

Qualitative Research

that spans face-to-face and virtual methodologies—such as in-person focus groups, telephone interviews, and online discussion boards and journals

Quantitative Surveys

to meet a range of research objectives, including product development, messaging, customer experience, and brand perceptions

Multivariate Methods

that are custom-designed to research objectives, often incorporating techniques such as discrete choice modeling, Max Diff, and segmentation


At Mozaic Group, every project is custom—there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Our team has perfected a research process that truly puts the pieces together for our clients.

Custom Research Design

We believe that careful, intentional research design yields the most insightful findings. We partner closely with our clients at every step of an engagement to mold research design to your specific research questions.

Expert Project Leadership

Our senior staff maintains close involvement with each project from kickoff through reporting. With decades of collective research experience, we understand the needs, goals, and language of the highly technical audiences and industries with whom we interact.

Top-Notch Logistics

Our project management team works closely with senior staff to ensure the highest caliber data collection, while maintaining consistent, transparent communication with our clients.

Rigorous Analysis

Analysis planning begins in the project design phase to ensure that project outputs align with the inputs. We dig deep into the data to extract the story, delivering the insight through powerful, thoughtful reporting.


Mozaic Group has partnered with industry-leading companies to help them tackle their most important research challenges. We are honored to have conducted research on behalf of a long list of inspiring companies, including:


Our people are the best in the business, with deep knowledge of technical and specialized audiences. Our senior staff executive team has hands-on involvement in every project from start to finish, and our project managers and analysts are experts in their disciplines. We work together seamlessly to deliver the results that answer our clients’ pressing research questions.