Mozaic Group’s approach to market research is based on several key tenets: Every project is unique, demands the best and brightest research team, and deserves thoughtful attention to detail at every step of the way. We’ve found this approach to be the best recipe for success, leading to long-term, strategic partnerships with industry-leading clients.

Custom Research Design

We take a careful, intentional approach to research design, tailoring a specific research plan to meet project objectives, with a view to the insights that will drive the most important business decisions. We excel at making connections across projects and methodologies, leveraging prior research when possible to extract the most meaningful insights.

Expert Project Leadership

Each project is led by a research director who has a deep understanding of the specific needs, goals, and languages of the audiences and industries our clients serve, including technical, B2B, and consumer audiences. After customizing the methodology to meet the project goals, the research director remains actively engaged from start to finish—from recruiting to fieldwork to analysis.

Top-Notch Logistics

Expert research direction is paired with superior project management to ensure that your project stays on track from recruiting through final deliverable. Our project managers are at the top of their field, anticipating challenges before they become problems and following stringent protocols to ensure high-quality data collection and project performance—all while maintaining proactive and responsive lines of communication with our clients.

Rigorous Analysis

Our analyst team is engaged from day one to develop and deliver compelling, actionable insights. We begin crafting an analysis plan during the design phases to ensure that deliverables clearly and concisely address your research questions. We take a storytelling approach to analysis, making sure to note important audience distinctions that may have bearing on key business decisions.